Terms & Conditions

- If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us on +31(0)53 428 38 58 or send an e-mail to info@vdmparts.com.


  • All parts that are in stock and ordered as urgent before 10:30 AM will be ready for shipment the next day!
  • Orders for parts can only be made in our web shop.
  • Orders by phone cannot be taken. For questions or suggestions you are welcome to call us on +31(0)53 428 38 58 or send an e-mail to info@vdmparts.com.
  • You have the possibility to order parts as Stock order, this way you can get more discount on your parts. For stock order you choose option Stock instead of Urgent in your shopping chart.
  • In your online web shop you can see exactly when parts are in our warehouse.

Honda: stock order Max. 8 working days after order
Kawasaki: stock order Max. 5 working days after order
Suzuki: stock order Max. 4 working days after order
Yamaha: stock order Max. 10 - 12 working days after order

Order cancellation policy

  • Parts which have been ordered after 15:00 P.M. can be cancelled till 10:30 the next day. Cancellation will only be accepted by E-mail!
  • Parts ordered as Stock order cannot be cancelled.

Parts that are in backorder

  • ETA for parts that are in backorder will be shown in Order status(link)  in our web shop. As long there is no ETA shown in our web shop these parts can be cancelled, except specially ordered parts.
  • As soon an ETA is shown in your order these parts can not be cancelled anymore. Parts ordered as Stock order that are in backorder cannot be cancelled. Even if the ETA is unknown.


  • VDMparts gives you the opportunity to restock parts which have been wrongly ordered or no longer needed.
  • A stocking fee of 25% will be charged.
  • Restocking is not possible for parts with an invoice value of less than € 85,- per part.
  • Restocking is not possible for special parts, workshop tools and electrical parts.
  • Restocking is not possible for parts ordered as Stock order.
  • You will receive a credit invoice over 75% of the order value within 7 days after VDMParts received the part. Shipping costs will not be credited.
  • We can only accept restocking parts that are in un-opened, clean, original packing and never have been installed. Please send your restocking requests per E-mail.
  • Parts that return to VDMparts without a request of return form, supplied by VDMParts, will be returned to sender without further notice.
  • The restocking period is mentioned here below. This period starts when the part has arrived at VDMparts.

Restocking period

  • Aprilia 7 days.
  • Honda 5 days.
  • Kawasaki 7 days.
  • Moto Guzzi 7 days.
  • Piaggio/Vespa 7 days.
  • Suzuki 7 days.
  • Yamaha 7 days.

Missing / damaged parts

If you your parcel has been delivered please check all your parts the same day because claiming missing or broken parts is only possible on the day the parts have been delivered to you! Please send your claim for the missing / broken parts to: info@vdmparts.com.